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Calling All Community Providers!

FACT welcomes all organizations, groups and agencies with offerings that help to strengthen and benefit the lives of our community's youth and families to join ResourceNet today.

It's easy to get started. So sign up now!

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Join Our Growing Network of Union County Providers Aiding and Enriching the Lives of Local Youth & Families

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FACT is always looking for caring local service providers including: clinical services, medical monitoring, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, in-home therapy, behavioral assistance, mental health evaluations, mentoring, after-school programs, recreational programs, and assistive transportation services.

Join Us on Union ResourceNet

healthcare professionals

Contracted Providers are Essential to Our Goal of Making Caring Count

To meet the unique, diverse and evolving needs of our youth and families, FACT continuously identifies and fills any gaps in service and support by seeking the most experienced and innovative local service providers.

If your organization specializes in Intensive In-Home Services, Intensive In-Community Services, Behavioral Assistance Services or Individual Support Services, then we invite you to consider applying for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with FACT.

Apply for a MOU

How to Request a Memorandum of Understanding

We've attempted to make this as easy as possible, but there's still a little homework to do before you begin. Detailed instructions can be downloaded below, but here is a simple overview of the application process.


Download, Complete & Sign

  • Staff List & Service Rates Form W-9

Our Excel spreadsheet makes entering staff details and service information easy. Multi-select dropdown lists simplify choices and comments let you leave notes, if needed. Then, there's one little form for our friends at the IRS.

diagram of how to consolidate documents into PDFs

Create 3 PDF Collections

  • Insurance Licenses Resumes

Here you consolidate your scans, images and documents into a single PDF for each required category: Proof of insurance, copies of licenses, and resumes for managing staff. MS Word's "Save As... PDF" feature can help make it easy.


Upload Docs & Fill Out Form

The final step is the easiest. Just upload the five documents you created and complete a simple form. Indicate if this is your first time applying or if you're renewing an MOU. You'll want your Cyber ID and Medicaid number handy, too.