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Caring Is Our Mission

Families and Community Together (FACT) partners with youth, families, and their community to develop plans that will help the youth achieve stability, positive change, and success at home, school, and in their community.

Local Wraparound Care

FACT believes in a family-oriented and community-based model of care that emphasizes the strengths of the family and engages the local community.

The Child & Family Team

At the core of the wraparound is the team of family members and your care manager who work together to acquire the best clinical, educational, vocational and residential services including support groups, mentoring, and local sports & art programs.

Wraparound Care is a Matter of FACT

FACT offers wraparound, community-based services to families who have children with emotional, behavioral, developmental, mental health, and substance abuse needs. We work with families to get the services they need to keep their child at home.

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FACT's Vital Role in Care Management


We help youth and their families build a Child and Family Team (CFT) made up of supportive family, friends, and community members who can help to positively impact the future for both that young person and their family.


We assist our youth and their families in developing an individualized care plan with the supports and resources tailored to the family’s needs and designed to achieve their vision of a better tomorrow for their child.


We empower the youth and family we serve by leveraging their natural strengths, giving them a voice, and by providing the necessary tools they need to be successful at home, in school, and in their community.

Meet the FACT Team

Photo of Anthony Cameli

Anthony Cameli


Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Zulma Cheung

Zulma Cheung


Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Gina Woodson

Gina Woodson


Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Linda Nash Merker

Linda Nash Merker


Chief Human Resource Officer

Photo of Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson


Chief Quality, Compliance & Tech Officer

Photo of Felicia Frazier

Felicia Frazier


Director of Community Engagement & Resource Development

Photo of Sonia Sequeira

Sonia Sequeira


Director of Operations

Photo of Brian Ruiz

Brian Ruiz


Director of Operations

Trusted professionals, working for your child and family.

We employ a highly creative and talented group of Care Managers and Supervisors that are continually designing new and innovative support solutions to help address the intensive care management needs of children in Union County, NJ.

Career Opportunities

Board of Trustees

The FACT Trustees are comprised of parents of children with emotional, behavioral or developmental issues and are each personally committed to improving the quality of care available to the families of Union County.

Photo of Danice J. Crump

Danice J. Crump



Photo of Tina Heintz

Tina Heintz


Vice President

Photo of Rashara Fuller

Rashara Fuller



Photo of Jennifer Lahens

Jennifer Lahens



Photo of Sidney Blanchard

Sidney Blanchard



Photo of Courtnie Bolden

Courtnie Bolden



Photo of Walter Kalman

Walter Kalman



Photo of John Moorman

John Moorman



Photo of Michelle Parello

Michelle Parello



Photo of Ron Zuzovsky

Ron Zuzovsky